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Creating concepts and high quality photo realistic representations of how your new kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or other living space will look at the end of the project is a fundamental aspect of the overall process.


Having taken a detailed brief for a home remodeling or renovation project the design team use our extensive experience gained in the UK, Dubai and other international markets to set about capturing your vision and creating a visual representation for you. The concept produced will take account of all the relevant factors from a space, design, form, functionality and aesthetics perspective.


There is nothing more exciting (apart from witnessing the end result of course!) than presenting a client with a rendered drawing produced by our experienced design team. Producing a photo realistic image allows us to then work with you to refine your requirements and make any necessary changes in order that we have a shared vision and point of reference around which the rest of the project is based.


Below you can see some examples of concepts created for clients who were looking to create a new look and feel for their homes.