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How We Work


‘From Inspiration to Installation’

At David Rae – Designs of Merit we concern ourselves with the entire design, project management and installation process – from inspiration to installation. In other words, we are not merely the company you get your cabinets from. Rather our designers guide you through the entire design process from start to finish. From the bigger picture to the smallest details not only will we consider the overall style of your home while working with you, but we will help you to clarify and articulate your own personal style and vision to ensure that the end result is a true transformation and reflection of your personality.


By creating with you a ‘design of merit’ we are in the business of helping transform your house into your dream home. Our promise to you is that you will receive the highest standards of quality, competitively priced and delivered within the agreed timescales.


The fundamentals for a successful home renovation, remodeling or interior design project, whether it be for a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or indeed any other living space, is starts with listening to our client in order to fully understand what is envisioned and what the client wishes to achieve.


Personal Care and Attention


Some clients’ requirements are relative simple, perhaps changing kitchen cabinet frontals and worktops, or perhaps removing a bath and creating a fully tiled walk in shower in its place. Other times our client will require us to carry out a complete transformation of the space. Having agreed the scope of the work to be undertaken and with the project plan for the fit out and installation agreed it is not unusual for a client to hand us keys to their villa as they leave for their vacation. We understand that this is personal and each project receives the same care and attention from our experienced team of professionals. Irrespective of the size or scope of the project our approach is the same:


  • Listen to our clients requirements,
  • Create their vision,
  • Provide a competitive quotation,
  • Plan, program and execute the work as arranged.


Creative Designers


For you, choosing the right designer to work with is fundamentally important as you need a designer who you can communicate with, who will understand and be fully mindful of your needs, and be aware of the bigger picture down to the smallest detail.


At David Rae you can trust our experienced and creative designers and project managers to give you confidence and guide you through the whole process in achieving your dream home. Remember this is your project, your needs are paramount to us. How we create the design and manage the project through to fit out and installation to translate your vision into reality is down to our experience, flair, creativity and passionate commitment to quality in every aspect of our work and processes.


We promise with David Rae you will always have ‘designs of merit’.

The Process

Outlined below is an overview of the key steps of the process:


Initial Discussion

The first step is to contact David or one of his experienced team to make an appointment for an initial consultation at your convenience where we can discuss your specific requirements or a more general conversation.


Pre Design Brief

Gaining a clear understanding of the project aims and desired outcomes is arguably the most important step in the process. We encourage you to be honest, outspoken and as imaginative as you like. To help with this step we recommend that you have magazine clippings, material samples, ideas on colour preferences and any other pertinent information to hand. This is your project and we want to make it perfect for you so the more prepared you can be for this part of the process the better.


Data Gathering

On agreeing an appointment our Designer will take all the detailed measurements with a comprehensive checklist of all relevant electrical, data, building services, water and drainage information. The findings from this step of the process combined with the outcome of the Pre Design Brief will enable us to facilitate the critical design phase.

Based on this information a photorealistic image of the design for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living space will be created and a cost estimate prepared.


Presentation Meeting

At the next meeting (normally 7 – 10 days after the Pre Design Brief) we will present to you the concept by way of a photorealistic image of the proposed design along with a cost estimate. At this stage all aspects of the project and design will be discussed in detail. Once all the details have been discussed and agreed and you are completely comfortable with the proposal we will ask you to commission David Rae to undertake all aspects of the project installation and management.


Project Management

Timely and clear communication is of paramount importance in the successful management and implementation of any project. Once all the formalities are in place one of our highly skilled team will meet with you to review and sign off on the full scope of work to be undertaken for your renovation or remodeling project. This is to ensure that all parties are aligned on the key deliverables and agreed timescales and any critical dependencies for the project to be delivered have been identified.

Find out more about the Fit Out and Installation phase of your project here.


Ongoing Review and Project Completion

Your assigned David Rae Project Manager will be responsible for undertaking continual assessment from a quality control and compliance perspective in order to ensure that the highest standards of craftsmanship, installation and customer satisfaction are achieved for your interior design, renovation or remodeling project.


At the end of the project we will undertake a full post project completion review to include a comprehensive post installation check to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with all aspects of the installation and project delivery.


Finished but not forgotten – we are always available for our customers should you have any questions or queries and we look forward to working with you on your next kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living space renovation or remodeling project here in Dubai.